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At this table, all are welcome.

I'm a mom, a youth pastor and a writer. I'm passionate about journeying towards wholeness, and finding peace in our relationships and in ourselves. I love growing things and inviting others into our home to share a feast made with food out of our garden. I am grateful every day to be married to Logan, a man of peace and hope. I am the proud mom of Nevin and Nora, who I hope will one day forgive me for making them pastor's kids.

My debut novel ‘HIDING - every scar has a story’ was born out of my own wrestle with the hard stories I heard from youth I worked with both inside the church and at a youth emergency shelter in my city. I am a pastor's kid, and my home life growing up was safe and loving. When I was a young teen I heard stories of family abuse for the first time from my friends and it really hit me - how could that happen? And then as I grew older, the question became - how could a supposedly good God let that happen? HIDING asks those hard questions without flinching back from the mess while holding onto the Biblical claim of a powerful, loving God who is present in our mess.

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