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"This is the first book I actually read. Cary is badass."

D, age 15

"This book explores everyday misery and tells a story of mercy from the middle of things. Already on my re-read list." (5 stars)

Nate W, seminary student and pastor. 

"This book will wreck your life — or at least your ‘religious suppositions’ — that was my experience. It challenged me to wrestle hard with how I see people and our communities. It confronted the games I play; what I see, what I assume, what I expect. It painted this picture of a kind of hospitality that is generous. It became this invitation to think again about how we do relationship. All of this in the midst of a riveting story that allows you to see and feel these questions."

Dwayne U, executive pastor and parent.


"One of the most real, painful, beautiful works of art/reality that I have ever got to experience - I spent a lot of time in tears crying out in despair and rejoicing in our actual and perfect healer, Jesus. This book dug up parts of my emotional being that I didn't even know existed; it broke me down and gave me hope in ways that I didn't even ask for. It's so important to have stories like this - we're too used to happy little Christian stories all wrapped up into a beautiful box with perfect endings. If you're looking for that book, this is not it. If you're looking for a book that deals with reality, with real kids and real stories and hurt and joy and healing, this is it. Hands down, HANDS DOWN, the best book I've ever read." (5 stars)

Lana W., young adult mentor/musician


"Runnalls has provided us with a real work of Christian fiction, real in that its characters are not fanciful superheroes of the faith that we all wish were reality, but flawed people reaching for Christ that we can relate to; and real in that darkness and abuse lurk behind a facade that appeals to our quest for the American dream. Hiding has had a impact on my heart that few Christian novels have. As a youth pastor, I recommend this book to my youth ages 14+ hoping that as they read it they reach out to God, and gain awareness for the hurting world around them." (5 stars) 

David S, youth pastor. 

"Working in youth ministry, I encountered many youth who had deep hurts and chasms of pain present just below the surface. I believe many of these youth could relate to a character like Cary because they are walking a similar road. Aspects of their stories are different, but they experience a similar isolation in their struggles. Often young people are surrounded by adults who seem oblivious to their turmoil, or who are at a loss to help, or who, most tragically, may truly be responsible for causing the majority of their pain. Hiding does not shy away from these realities but presents them with compassion for adults and youth alike.


Many youth can also relate to John as he wrestles with God. John’s initial anger toward God may make us uncomfortable as it feels at times both unspiritual and extreme. However, there is in John’s wrestling an authenticity that recalls the Psalms and that is present in the real life relationships of many who continue to seek God despite hard circumstances...


Reading a book like this makes it easier to have meaningful group discussions surrounding topics like bullying, self-harm, abuse and hypocrisy in the church. I celebrate a book like this that acknowledges the darkness in the world and meets it with life giving hope." (5 stars)

Katy H, youth worker.

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