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The HIDING #sharethestory giveaway is sponsored by an amazing lady in my denomination who was so impacted by the book that she wanted me to get more copies into the world. As a self-published author of a painfully honest book, I am deeply grateful for the help of every reader like her, who shares HIDING with a friend, pastor, teacher or youth leader. This project is truly a group effort, and you can be a part of the impact HIDING is having. Here's how:


1. If you haven't already... get a copy for yourself! HIDING is available on Amazon as a Kindle book or trade paperback.


2. Get 2 copies and share them with your pastor/teacher/best friend. Tell them you know the author and they have to read this book because it is the next 'The Shack.' Haha.


3. Like HIDING on Facebook.


4. Share with your Facebook friends and tell them you know the author and can't wait for the sequel. (Yup, the next book is in the works :) 


5. Post a review on HIDING's Amazon page.


6. Post a review on HIDING's GoodReads page.


7. Subscribe to my quarterly newsletter for the latest about the next novel project, blog posts, podcasts and HIDING's latest offers and events. I promise not to clutter up your inbox with useless stuff and you can unsubscribe at any time.


8. Contact me when you have finished the book to tell me what impacted you. Hearing the stories of the way God is using this story in people's lives is totally motivating as I make time for this project in the midst of juggling youth pastor/mommy life.


9. Pray for HIDING to find its way into the hands of youth and parents and church folks who need the encouragement of this story to keep offering grace and compassion to a broken world.


Readers like you are the reason I write - thank you for being a part of the HIDING project!

Can you help #sharethestory?


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