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HIDING sequel Chapter 1-3 available now!


When Pete got up and padded to the kitchen to make his first pot of coffee, he had to back up a step to take a second look into the family room. His girls were there, absorbed in their ‘toons like they usually were before he got up to make breakfast. What was different was the way they were nestled around Cary on the couch. The boy was curled on his side with his hand over his face.

Bea was leaning against his bare stomach with her elbow propped on his hip. Tabby was crowded against the couch arm at his feet.

“Is Cary asleep?” Pete asked.

Tabitha frowned over at Cary’s face. “Yeah. He’s taking up the whole couch.”

Bea patted Cary’s hair gently, like he was a particularly large dog she had adopted. “Cary had bad dreams.”

Released Chapter 3 of the HIDING sequel on Patreon today:

You can check out the rest of the scene there, along with a audio/video reading of the HIDING ending in case you wanted a refresher of what happened in the story 2 weeks before. Enjoy :)

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