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My next novel, Lay Me Down, will be available in trade paperback September 14! The cover design will feature this beautiful illustration by Teylor Prestie, based on one of Cary's drawings in the book. The story picks up 2 weeks after the end of HIDING, and is about the same length as that novel. You can get your copy signed at the upcoming Makers Market event Seotember 15 in Moose Jaw, SK, or purchase online through Amazon or Kindle.

BUT here's the even bigger news! This series is going to be a trilogy! If you've been following me on Patreon, you already have access to the entire rough draft of the second novel PLUS the first chapters of the third novel! My $10/mo patrons are also getting their signed copies of 'Lay Me Down' hot off the press.

Are you a reader?

Do you like getting a behind the scenes peek at someone's creative process?

Do you want access to the HIDING sequels ASAP?

It's not too late to get in on all of that at my Patreon project! In the upcoming weeks patrons will get to see the cover design before anyone else, give their feedback on the story and have a behind the scenes look at the completion of a novel PLUS exclusive access to the third novel slated to release Fall 2019.

Over the next year I will continue to post 5000 words/month with commentary on how the story developed in my head. There's different levels of support - for as little as $2/mo you could join that reader community.

I"m so grateful for my patrons - Patreon makes it possible for me to give more time to making these stories for you!

Please check out my project at Can't wait to share it with you!

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