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Humble desk 2 & WAKE release news

A peek at TeylorA.Art's desk...she's bringing all the colors of the rainbow to the bird for WAKE's cover illustration. Can't wait to share it with you!

If you haven't been following my Patreon page, here's the news: WAKE release date is pushed to 2020. Here's what's been happening behind the scenes:

I completed WAKE's manuscript in August and wrapped up this Patreon project - no more monthly posts, everyone's payments on hold. In September and October, I was re-working the last 10 chapters and my editor was hard at work editing the first 2/3 of the manuscript. Here's some of her numbers:

33 Chapters

75,000 words

354 pages

8.5 months pregnant

Let's just say... a beautiful baby girl came into the world before our novel did!

Turns out I'm grateful for the time to craft and nuance Jon White's story arc. In a lot of ways, Jon White's conflict is more complex than Cary's. Pete and Mel White are loving, godly people, and they did their best as parents--but they're not perfect, and Jon got hurt in ways that are spilling out self-destructively in his adolescent years. I'm treating this speed bump in our publishing timeline as an opportunity to bring Jon's story to life more carefully and authentically.

If you want the inside scoop on WAKE's characters, my creative process, or a read through of 40 chapters of WAKE posted as I wrote it, you could still sign up as a patron at my Patreon page. It won't cost you anything until I start a new novel project. Seems like a good deal :)

Wishing you many good reads over the holiday season,


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