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All my novels now available FREE on Wattpad!

Do you want to read my novels free and follow my new projects as I post them out live while I write them? Check me out on Wattpad!

Rachel's Wattpad profile: coffee-an-flowers

During our isolated COVID year, I discovered Wattpad, a social media platform for writers and readers. Or I should daughter dragged me onto Wattpad with her so she could share my stories with her friends haha.

In Fall 2020 I started to post the SCARS trilogy to my profile, chapter by chapter, and now Hiding, Lay Me Down and Wake have thousands of reads! I love interacting with readers in the comments, and making friends with other people who are weird like me. I always have a fictional world playing out in my mind, when I'm driving or standing in the grocery store line...and it turns out I'm not alone!

If you can't afford to buy the novels, or you want the most current news about my developing projects, come on over for a visit!

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