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The powerful conclusion to the Scars Trilogy is finally available! I'm so excited to share the news that my latest novel, WAKE, is free to read on the Wattpad app HERE. I'm releasing 5,000 words a week on Tuesday and Saturdays, and you can interact with me in the comments, or vote for your favourite chapters. It has been so fun to build a community of readers on Wattpad, and to offer exclusive author's notes and extras there. Click on over to check it out--when you read and interact with my work there you help my stories find even more readers!

If you've been following my author journey, you know WAKE has been a long time in the works, and I promise it is worth the wait. The complete novel is as long as Hiding and Lay Me Down put together! WAKE print and Kindle edition are coming soon--email me at to be notified as soon as copies are available to purchase for Christmas stockings this year.

Want a peek into what the story is about? Here's the blurb from the back cover:

Jon finally feels like he has a place where he can get a break from the weight of having to be Pastor Pete's good son. But the opioid pills he's using to manage his pain are changing his behavior in ways he won't be able to hide for much longer. It isn't even his biggest secret: no one knows the real Jon White, and he's terrified if the full truth of himself comes out it will cost both the love of his earthly dad and his heavenly Father.

Cary has one last hurdle to leave years of childhood abuse behind him: the trial at which he has to testify against his abuser. But his decision to speak up has splintered the remains of his family and his former best friend seems bent on self-destructing. Cary's going to need everything he's learned along the way to snatch Jon off the ledge. It's never been more obvious the journey from walking wounded to wholeness isn't meant to be travelled alone.

Head on over to Wattpad to start reading the first chapters! Thanks for dropping by reader-friends, you are so appreciated.

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