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HIDING - every scar has a story  


Every scar has a story... but Cary Douglas isn't talking. He learned a long time ago that secrets and silence equal survival and he's kept his promise to his family ever since. So when the clean-cut new kid starts paying attention to him at school, it's a problem. Cary is sure he can't afford to care about one more person, but Jon White's persistent kindness is cracking him open.


Every smile has a cost... and Jon White is tired of paying it. It's never been easy to be the oldest son of Pastor White, and keeping it together when the bully at his new school is in his face every day is almost more than he can do. He has just one question - where is God when everything sucks? - and so far nobody's answering. This is a novel about what happens when the silence breaks - about faith and family, suffering and doubt and the answer to Jon's question.


Now available as trade paperback or Kindle ebook!


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